West Virginia Expects iGaming By July

West Virginia recently approved emergency rules for online gaming, meaning it could be available by July, according to Lottery Commission head John Myers (l.). The law allows each land-based venue to offer three platforms, or skins.

West Virginia is on the brink of legalized online gaming, with the recent approval of emergency rules by the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

Director John Myers said operators could be up and running as soon as June or July. The rules were filed at the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office, which has 42 days from May 15 to approve or reject them. The final step would be passage of the rules by the West Virginia legislature, putting them into effect permanently, which could happen in early in 2021.

“Once approved, West Virginia casinos can begin offering igaming under the emergency rules and minimum internal controls. Those rules will be good for 15 months until the permanent legislative rule is adopted by the legislature,” Myers explained.

Under the draft rules, each land-based venue may offer up to three skins under its license. Operators would pay a $100,000 license fee and suppliers would pay a $10,000 fee to provide technology, content or operating systems. Interim licenses would be granted for up to 270 days while a full review of each applicant takes place.

Operators would pay a 15 percent tax on gross revenue. Any tax-free promotional credits above a set amount would be subject to the 15 percent tax. Additionally, all advertising must be approved by the lottery commission director before publication. Information regarding problem gambling and self-exclusion must be submitted weekly.