U.K. Premier League Considers its Own Ban on Shirt Sponsors

The top soccer league in the U.K. hopes to convince the clubs to vote in favor of a ban on shirt sponsors rather than leave it to lawmakers. The costly proposal would phase out the practice after three years.

Premier League clubs expect to agree to a voluntary prohibition on new gambling shirt sponsorship deals, according to the Times. The U.K.’s top soccer league brought this to its member clubs earlier in July as a way to avoid potential legislation to ban such sponsorships.

Of the 20 teams in the league, 14 need to vote in support of the ban for it to take effect. Last season, 10 clubs had such sponsorships. Barring ads could cost clubs between $6 million to $12 million per year. The deal proposed by the league does not include shirt-sleeve agreements, according to Front Office Sports.

The issue is part of the agenda at the Premier League shareholder’s meeting at the end of July. Both the condition details and the transition will be up for discussion. With the current proposal, clubs would have three years to end existing deals.

Liverpool FC renewed its sponsorship agreement with British bank Standard Chartered in mid-July. The four year pact is valued at $59.2 million a year, The current deal, set to expire after the 2022-23 season, gives Liverpool $25 million a year.