Tennessee Hopes for Fall Sports Bet Launch

The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation hopes to conclude its regulatory process to launch mobile sports betting in the fall.

During the Tennessee Education Lottery Corp. board meeting via teleconference on May 13, the agency expressed hope it could launch sports betting in the fall. The hope is that something substantial exists to bet on.

Little was said about the application process, which the lottery expects to result in licensing of mobile sportsbooks this summer. According to Rebecca Hargrove, CEO of the lottery, the agency has fielded some 80 questions about the process, but she declined to discuss how many applications came in.

Corporation Chair Susan Lanigan said that in the coming weeks the lottery may need to reconvene its Sports Wagering Advisory Council to discuss outstanding issues. The 2019 sports betting law created a nine-member advisory council designed to help the lottery craft regulations and get the system launched.

Delays in the process had little impact given the cessation of most sports due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to TNBets.

Questions about a required hold percentage continues to dog the process, however, and if not resolved could sink Tennessee sports betting before it even starts.