Sports Betting Companies Lining Up in Iowa

Five sports betting companies in Iowa have had agreements with casinos approved by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission as they look forward to changes in the state’s registration procedures. Starting in January, according to Administrator Brian Ohorilko (l.)bettors can sign up for sports betting online, rather than exclusively in person at casinos. The change is creating new interest in the market.

The Iowa Racing Commission approved five new agreements between sports betting companies and casinos in the state as changes in registration procedures are sparking new interest in the state’s market.

In January, the state will allow players to register for sports betting sites online, rather than just registering live at casinos.

prove five agreements with casinos during its meeting this month. Racing and Gaming Administrator, Brian Ohorilko says those companies are looking ahead to a change in registration rules.

“With the in-person registration requirement going away on January 1st, there has been some rekindled interest in this market, Racing and Gaming Administrator Brian Ohorilko told “And so, there are a number of sports wagering companies trying to enter this market by reaching agreements with casinos.

Iowa casinos can have agreements with up to three different sports betting providers and Ohoiliko said more agreements are still being finalized.

“Whether it will be January 1st of February 1st — the market hear in this state will look very different in the next few months simply because of the high volume of new companies that we are going to see trying to compete for on-line sports,” he said.

Initially, the state required bettors to register at casinos to help boost attendance at the properties, but the state will now try a different approach.

Among the partnerships approved, Bally’s Corporation has announced a partnership with Elite Casino Resorts in Iowa, including Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort at Larchwood, allowing sports fans in Iowa to access mobile sports betting licensed by Grand Falls.