Poker Pro’s Online Poker Site Readies for Launch

Poker pro Phil Galfond (l.) is expected to launch a new online poker site this summer, according to reports. The site has been much anticipated since Galfond announced it 2016 with speculation that it will cater to pros and high stakes gamblers. The site was announced as major poker sites began implementing strategies to attract casual players.

Online Poker Report has taken a look at what to expect from poker pro Phil Galfond’s new online poker sites, which is expected to launch this summer.

Galfond announced he would create a new pro-friendly site as many large online poker sites—such as PokerStars—began implementing changes in rewards systems and other areas designed to benefit casual players.

According to the report, the new site—called RIO Poker—has been designed from scratch and is more than just a reaction to the moves by larger sites. The site will have a two-phase launch of initial cash games followed by tournaments and high-stakes games.

Innovations include banning heads-up display accept for high-stakes games and anonymous tables using generic player names, according to the report. Hand histories that reveal every players’ hole cards will be available 24 hours after a session.

The site will also use a built-in display of expressions on the table avatars that give an approximation of their playing style. Galfond told OnlinePokerReport that instead of displaying stats next to your opponents, the site group them into one of eight playstyle categories and communicate that information through their avatar’s emotions.

Galfond is also promising a reasonable rake rate and rewards system.

“We will have an innovative player rewards system that I believe will make both pros and recreational players happy,” he said. “One which will give slightly more rewards to dedicated pros while not leaving recreational players behind, will engage recreational players and pros alike, and will make it impossible for players to leave their rewards unclaimed—a big savings for many poker sites at the expense of uninformed amateurs and aloof pros like me!”