NFL Hall of Fame Village Announces BetRivers Sportsbook Addition

A BetRivers sportsbook was announced to be built at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, part of a $600 million project that will also include a waterpark and Ferris wheel-style ride.

Sports betting became legal in Ohio on January 1 and the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton is not missing out on the opportunity. The facility announced that it plans to open a BetRivers sportsbook in the newly announced HOF Village entertainment campus opening in the summer.

The 10,000-square-foot sportsbook is part of the $600 million project, which also includes a zipline and Ferris wheel-style ride, indoor water park, athletic fields, a sports dome for wrestling tournaments and a restaurant and brewpub that should open by the end of the month.

Michael Crawford, president and CEO of the Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Co., which is in charge of the project, told the crowd at the groundbreaking this will be a unique facility.

“This is going to be a one-of-a-kind retail sportsbook,” Crawford said. “Meaning an immersive environment with food and beverage and the ability to place a bet and a lot of technology surrounding that.”

Even before BetRivers opens, Crawford said the HOF Village will be taking advantage of sports betting. The complex has partnered with Betr, an online sports micro-betting app. The technology allows people to bet on specific plays during live football, baseball, and basketball. Bets were accepted by the start-up company on January 1.

For example, a bettor could wager on whether a touchdown is scored or a field goal made in football. In baseball, a bet could be made on whether a specific pitch is going to be a strike or a ball. In basketball, a wager can be placed on if a free throw would be made.

“In today’s world, technology plays a big part of how guests and fans sort of engage,” Crawford said. “So our sports betting partner with betr, (co-founders) Jake Paul and Joey Levy, (is) one of a kind again. The only micro-betting site out there, and I absolutely love it.”

Anne Graffice, executive vice president of public affairs for Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment, told The Repository that sports gaming will be a large part of the village.

“That’s a pretty cool (project) for us and a wild opportunity for us to really have an impact in an industry that we really feel is going to be wildly successful,” Graffice said. “We have always been smart enough to diversify as a company. This isn’t our only egg in the basket.”

The exterior of BetRivers sportsbook is completed and the interior work has begun. Crawford said they are on target for a summer opening.