Newburgh to Host New York’s Newest Casino

Resorts World Hudson Valley (l.), operated by Genting America, is slated to open sometime before the end of the year. It is going up in the renovated former retail space in the Newburgh Mall.

New York state’s newest casino, Resorts World Hudson Valley, will open in about three months in the Newburgh Mall, spreading over a couple of acres where a Bon Ton department store once operated. It will occupy about a quarter of the total mall space.

The $50 million project, which began nine months ago, will have 1,200 slots, including 82 that are unmanned imitations of craps, roulette and blackjack. It will include slots previously used at Monticello Raceway.

It will operate 20 hours a day. The property represents the third Resorts World casino in the state operated by Genting America.

The developer and mall owners hope the 90,000 square-foot casino will help revive the moribund, 40-year-old mall. It is a satellite of the $1 billion Resorts World Catskills casino. Owners hope it will improve revenue for that four-year-old property, whose profits have been disappointing so far. The project was sold as a way to revive the old Borscht Belt that was central to the Catskills for decades.

With a precise opening date not yet set, nearly all the machines are wired with dozens of miles of cable. However, construction is still lagging due to supply chain issues. Nevertheless, it is expected to open by the end of 2022.

A mobile sportsbook powered by Resorts WorldBet will be anchored by a large octagonal bar with eight overhead TVs carrying sports programming.

Meghan Taylor, vice president of government affairs and public relations for Genting Americas, told the Times News-Herald: “What we’re really trying to go for here is more of a locals hangout, almost like a Cheers vibe.” She added, “It’s a convenience play for those that are interested in gaming, but also a really cool and inviting environment for folks to just come and have a drink, relax, catch up with friends.”

The operator has held three job fairs so far and plans to hold others in October. Genting has agreed to pay the city $3 million to host the casino, including $500,000 to supplement the city’s first responders. The city plans to use some of those funds to hire two additional police officers.

The city’s government agencies, including its schools, could also realize a windfall in property taxes resulting from the increased value of the mall.

When it comes to casino competition, however, the Empire State is a target rich environment, with three gaming licenses pending in New York City and reported bids for Queens and Manhattan.