GambetDC Passes Second Anniversary Plagued by Criticism

GambetDC has spent its first two years rustling up trouble. The company has gotten slammed for poor odds and its interface—they also got shut out of the Super Bowl.

May 28 marked the two-year anniversary of the launch of GambetDC. It hasn’t been a pleasant two years, according to Sports Handle.

The oft-criticized sports betting platform hasn’t had an ideal two years of existence, as users have complained about the site’s odds and interface, among other concerns. There’s even potential that the D.C. Council could decide to move away from GambetDC in the coming months and years if the platform’s performance doesn’t improve.

D.C.’s council surprisingly awarded a no-bid contract to Greek firm Intralot to be the city’s lone sportsbook provider back in 2019.

Intralot created GambetDC to manage sports betting through the lottery. BetMGM, Caesars and FanDuel got a piece of the action through connections to arenas and stadiums. The three could only use mobile apps within a two-block radius.

Complaints about GambetDC began from the start–one of the biggest issues related to geolocation. Users wondered where they could place a bet, as gambling is not permitted on federal land, which is plentiful in D.C.

“By the end of the year, we’ll have a network with breadth,” said Nicole Jordan, the D.C. lottery’s director of communications. “We want to make sure bettors have the opportunity to play wherever they want to, however they want to, and really have a robust retail network to complement mobile.”

There are currently more than 40 GambetDC retail betting locations available throughout the city.

An audit of GambetDC conducted by the Office of the D.C. Auditor (ODCA) last September didn’t help its outlook.

“The Office of the D.C Auditor recognizes the difficulty of making judgments on the performance of GambetDC due to the unforeseen circumstances attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic,” the auditors wrote.

Better odds and interface enhancements were among the suggestions.

Although the District would retain a smaller share of revenue, improved odds may lead to an increase in bets. Improving the functionality and technical issues regarding the app could improve the situation.