DraftKings Leads in Pennsylvania DFS Play for June

DraftKings topped FanDuel for Daily fantasy sports play in June, the second month of regulated play in Pennsylvania. FanDuel had the most play in May. However, the state’s DFS revenue fell by $300,000 or the month.

DraftKings had a narrow victory in June for daily fantasy sports play according to Pennsylvania regulators.

For the month—the second of regulated play in the state—overall revenue was down $300,000 in a low time for sports play as both the NBA and NHL concluded their seasons.

DraftKings saw about $511,000 in play compared to FanDuel’s about $490,000.

Here’s a breakdown of what each DFS company made in adjusted revenue in Pennsylvania in June and how much tax money that generates for the state according to an analysis by Legal Sports Report:

• DraftKings: $$511,234.93 revenue, $76,685.24 tax

• FanDuel: $490,038.78 revenue, $73,505.82 tax

• DRAFT: $10,192.32 revenue, $1,528.85 tax

• FantasyDraft: $4,392.37 revenue, $658.85 tax

• Sportshub Technologies: $1,570.69 revenue, $235.60 tax

• Boom Fantasy: $639.93 revenue, $95.99 tax

• Fastpick: $62.48 revenue, $9.37 tax

• Full Time Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Football Players Championship: No revenue

• Yahoo Fantasy Sports: ($269.18) revenue, ($40.38) tax

• Total: $1,017,862.32 revenue, $152,679.34 tax

Yahoo filed a loss for June and claimed a refund. Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board officials confirm that Yahoo reported paying out more in prizes than it collected in fees in the state.