Atlantic City Settles Casino Beating Case for $650,000

Atlantic City will pay $650,000 in a court settlement of a case charging that a city police officer clubbed a man during a 2012 casino melee. The case was expected to show evidence of systematic abuses by the officer.

Atlantic City has settled a lawsuit against a city police officer accused of beating a casino patron for $650,000.

The federal lawsuit filed by Anthony Moore of Pennsylvania accused Atlantic City Detective Franco Sydnor of the beating and highlighted a string of allegations against officer, including past claims of sexual assault and beatings, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

“It’s settled,” attorney Steven Glickman, who represented Sydnor, told the paper. “As with every settlement, everyone is somewhat satisfied and somewhat dissatisfied.”

According to the Press, the suit alleged that Moore, his brother and a few friends were visiting Bally’s casino on Oct. 7, 2012, when some members of the party grew disruptive and were asked to leave. Security footage shows the situation escalate into a brawl as Sydnor, who was working a special detail at the casino, joined security staffers trying to usher the group toward the door. Footage shows Sydnor striking Moore several times with a baton.

The suit also alleged a string of previous abuses by Sydnor and argued that the city and police department were aware of Sydnor’s behavior.

Moore claimed he suffered a concussion and still experiences headaches as a result of the beating. The suit named the police department and city as defendants, the Press reported.

Under the settlement, none of the defendants, including Sydnor, Atlantic City and the police department, admit guilt in the 2012 matter. The settlement will be paid in four installments between June and December of this year according to the Press.