AGA Hails U.S.’s Lifting Pre-departure Covid Testing Requirement

The decision by the Biden administration to end the pre-departure Covid-19 testing requirements as of June 12 has gotten an enthusiastic thumbs up from the gaming industry. American Gaming Association’s CEO Bill Miller (l.) said it will help the U.S. gaming industry recover from the pandemic.

American Gaming Association’s CEO Bill Miller hailed the decision by the Biden administration to lift the pre-departure Covid-19 testing requirement on June 12. He said this would help the U.S. gaming and hospitality industries to recover and put it on par with other countries.

He added that the association was “thankful for the Nevada delegation and other champions in Congress who continue to support gaming communities across the country.” He said, “We are grateful to the CDC, all those in the health and science community, and the Biden administration for tackling this enormous challenge and making this a reality.”

He asked that the administration do what it can to help return tourism to pre-Covid pandemic levels. Miller said, “We ask the State Department to continue their work to speed up international visa processing time by investing in additional staff and allowing virtual interviews.”

Miller previously expressed confidence that this year would be the year that U.S. gaming returns to normal. “Gaming executives are signaling confidence in our continued recovery, that is in line with record-setting consumer demand for gaming,” he said.