Esports Could Eclipse Sports Betting

If Quentin Martin proves right, esports wagering will be bigger and more lucrative than traditional sports betting sometime in the future. He points to a couple of trends: esports retained 75 percent of its players even after the coronavirus lockdown ended and the competition is more popular with those 18 to 25.

Will esports betting become more lucrative then sports betting? Quentin Martin, CEO of the esports betting company Luckbox, insists it will and is ready to put his money where his mouth is to back up his claim.

“The Covid-19 lockdown definitely accelerated esports a couple of years into the future for sure,” Martin told Gambling Insider. “Most countries left lockdown months ago and we saw a drop-off to some degree but nothing substantial. We have retained 75 percent of players that we gained during the lockdown.”

Martin said esports is more popular with the 18-25 age group. If that demographic holds true for the next half-century, esports has a profitable future.

Fast forward 50 years and this age group is approaching 75, perhaps in retirement homes playing each other at computer games. “This is why I believe companies that are only paying esports lip service are damaging their brand and longevity going forward,” Martin said.

In related news, Esports Entertainment Group agreed to purchase ggCircuit LLC and Helix eSports LLC for about $43 million. The Helix acquisition included LANDuel, described as a proprietary player vs. player platform that permits skill based wagering on third-party video games both in both gaming centers and at some point, online.

LANduel is working with the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement on a pilot program, according to GO Gaming. The upshot of this activity speaks to Esports potential in the legalized gambling sphere.